Javascript 30 Course Review

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I just completed the Javascript30 program created by Wes Bos. This course consists of one JavaScript project a day for 30 days. Each short lesson contains a video with Wes guiding you through it, and thoroughly explaining everything step by step.

It has many fun projects that teach you how to do cool things with JavaScript, from making a Drum Kit to experimenting with Html5 Canvas. I found certain projects especially useful, such as manipulating the DOM and working with CSS transitions to create cool effects. I also enjoyed learning about new ES6 methods and syntax, as I am just starting to learn the basics of it.

While going through this course, I had issues understanding how certain code blocks were working behind the scenes, though I’m sure it was due to my minimal Javascript knowledge. Even though a beginner can get value from this course, as I learned many new things, I think a sound foundation of Javascript basics is in order.

I recommend this free program to any beginner to intermediate web developer looking to sharpen their JavaScript skills and knowledge. It is a fresh breath of air by making learning JavaScript fun and interesting, as opposed to many tutorials and courses where the fun factor is very limited. If you want to check out the Javascript 30 course, you can find it here—-> Javascript 30 Course

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