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Web development skills I am currently learning

Through the last two years, though mostly in the last year, I have been focused on learning Html5, CSS3, Jquery and basic Javascript. I have used many different online resources such as teamtreehouse, codecademy, and freecodecamp just to name a few.

I have acquired a solid understanding of the basics of these four technologies. I have completed all of these courses multiple times and took notes to really understand why and how to implement each technology appropriately. Though I learned a lot of fundamental knowledge through these tutorials, the majority of of my understanding came through building many different personal projects utilizing each of these technologies for practice.

I have a solid grasp of Html5, CSS3, and Jquery, and I understand the fundamentals of basic Javascript. Now that I feel comfortable knowing how and when to apply these skills to each project, my current focus is to master Javascript. I am very intrigued by this language and I want to master it completely. I can see the power it has and the possibilities, so I will only be learning and building projects that help me understand it completely.

After I get a solid grasp on Javascript, I plan on learning the front end framework React and Redux. I plan on building a few apps with these and then get a job programming in Javascript and the front end in general. I also have plans to start learning PHP and MySql for the backend after I master Javascript.

Youtube has also been a very powerful resource for strengthening my understanding of any subject I am working on. I plan on working in the web development industry by the end of 2018. Other skills I have also learned in the process are Git and Github, the basics of SASS, Command line, Bootstrap and WordPress, which is what this site was created with.

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