The Complete MySQL Developer Course – Udemy Course Review

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I just completed The Complete MySQL Developer Course by Rob Percival. This is a very comprehensive course on the fundamentals of MySQL and PHP. It guides you through the basics of relational databases while utilizing the Cloud 9 IDE to practice the concepts.

In the first sections, it covers creating a database/schema and then continues with tables and inserting rows of data into the tables. It then proceeds to show all of the features of organizing and displaying tables using concat, limit and order, etc.

The next section covers the basic logical and comparison operators. It then shows how to update and delete rows, and goes over multiple tables and joins. The course then shifts to a small web app project using Html, Php, and MySQL.

This project was very informative and useful to me, It shows how all the code pieces work together to make the page connect with the database. We then build a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) for the app so everything can be edited and updated.

Lastly, the course guides you through another mini-project to set up a WebAdmin site using all of the concepts learned in the course. Through building this last project, I learned very valuable information about MySQL and PHP, and I would highly recommend it to any aspiring developer wanting to learn these skills.

I plan to utilize these skills in the near future for a personal project. I give the course 4 out of 5 stars. The content was great, and the only complaints are with a few unorganized parts of the course that were a little confusing and I felt took away from the momentum. With that being said, this course is still well worth the money for the skills gained! I hope this review has been helpful for those considering purchasing this course. If interested you can purchase the course here—> The Complete MySQL Developer Course – Udemy Course

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